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Under the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, a patient with a qualifying medical condition who may benefit from treatment with medical cannabis must first meet in-person with a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) to review the patient’s condition and medical history and, based upon that medical evaluation, the QMP may make a recommendation for the patient to obtain a Medical Cannabis Card and be eligible to purchase medical cannabis at a licensed medical cannabis pharmacy.  

QMPs who have joined the Utah Cannabis Association as associate members who have demonstrated their commitment to the highest level of patient care, medical ethics, industry best practices, and are committed to supporting the cannabis industry and facilitating greater patient access to cannabis as a medical treatment option. To locate a Qualified Medical Provider near you who is a member of the Utah Cannabis Association in good standing, click “Find a QMP” below.

Current state law provides that a Qualified Medical Provider may not recommend medical cannabis treatment to more than 275 patients at any one time, or to more than 600 patients if the QMP is certified by the appropriate American medical board in specific medical specialties or if a licensed business employs or contracts the medical provider for the specific purpose of providing hospice and palliative care.

For a list of additional Qualified Medical Providers registered with the Utah Department of Health that have consented to have their contact information publicly available, please click here.

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