The Voice of theCannabis IndustryIn Utah

The Utah Cannabis Association (UCA) is a leading advocate for the cannabis industry in our state. We are dedicated to advancing the interests of our members and promoting a safe, responsible, and patient-focused cannabis marketplace. Through legislative advocacy, industry updates, and a commitment to education, we strive to create a unified and powerful voice for cannabis in Utah.

The Utah Cannabis Association

The Utah Cannabis Association (UCA) is a dedicated advocate for the cannabis industry in Utah. Our mission is to advance the Utah cannabis industry by promoting a safe medicinal marketplace in a responsible, patient-focused environment. We strive to recruit and retain responsible industry members who champion patient rights and advocate for reasonable, common-sense legislation and regulation that protects patients and provides access to high-quality medicinal cannabis.

Resources for the Cannabis Community

The Utah Cannabis Association (UCA) is committed to providing valuable resources to our members and the broader cannabis community in Utah. Our resources are designed to educate, inform, and support individuals and businesses navigating the cannabis industry.

Medical Cannabis Program

Learn about the process of obtaining a medical cannabis card in Utah, understand the benefits, and discover who qualifies for it. Our comprehensive guide provides all the information you need to navigate the medical cannabis system in Utah.

Our Services

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

The UCA provides a unified front to proactively address legislative and regulatory issues related to changes in Utah’s cannabis program that impact operations.

Business Relationship Building

The association helps build business relationships between existing and new operators in the cannabis industry.

Industry Updates

Members can stay “in the know” about the latest industry challenges, expectations, and changes in the legal landscape.


Media, Legislative, and Regulatory Representation

The UCA represents its members with a professional unified voice to address media, legislators, and regulators.

Marketing and Advertising Support

The association provides operators with the ability to market and advertise, which is otherwise prohibited under current regulations.

Unified Efforts and Communication

The UCA consolidates the voice of the industry for unified efforts with a consistent legislative and regulatory presence, and facilitates better communication to tackle issues that impact the entire industry.

Become aMemberof the UCA

Join the Utah Cannabis Association (UCA) today and become part of a growing community dedicated to the advancement of the cannabis industry in Utah. Our members range from patients and advocates to industry professionals and businesses.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a diverse group of individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry. Our events and meetings provide excellent opportunities for networking and collaboration.


The UCA is a strong voice for the cannabis industry in Utah. We advocate for sensible regulations and policies that benefit our members and the community at large.

Business Promotion

As a member, your business will be listed in our online directory, providing visibility and promotion within the cannabis community.


Unity is strength.When there is teamwork and collaboration in the pursuit of medical freedom and cannabis advocacy,wonderful things can be achieved.

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