Legislative Action

Explore the pivotal role the Utah Cannabis Association has played in shaping cannabis legislation in Utah. From influencing past laws to advocating for current policy changes, our legislative action has been instrumental in advancing the cannabis industry and improving patient access to medical cannabis in our state. Discover our impact and ongoing efforts in the realm of cannabis legislation.

LMP Program

Through the LMP Program, doctors with a license to prescribe controlled substances can now endorse cannabis use for up to 15 of their patients. This initiative has significantly broadened the accessibility of medical cannabis throughout Utah.

QMP Patient Caps

Through the advocacy efforts of the UCA, we’ve successfully influenced the expansion of patient caps for Qualified Medical Providers (QMPs) and the elimination of caps on independent labs testing cannabis. These advancements have resulted in broader patient access to medical cannabis and increased product safety testing, thereby enhancing both the accessibility and quality of medical cannabis.

Cannabis Product Types

In order to cater to the varied needs of patients, the UCA has partnered and championed the expansion of available cannabis product forms. As a result of our advocacy, the range of product forms now encompasses aerosols, sugar-containing edibles, capsules, and more. This broadened selection enables a higher degree of customization in medical cannabis treatments, accommodating the unique preferences and therapeutic requirements of patients in Utah.

Decoupling 280e

The UCA is actively championing efforts to address the challenges posed by the IRS Tax Code 280E. This tax provision, originally designed to prevent drug traffickers from claiming business deductions, has inadvertently burdened legitimate cannabis businesses. Under 280E, state-legal cannabis enterprises are restricted from deducting ordinary business expenses, leading to inflated taxable incomes and federal tax rates that can range between 40-80%. By working towards decoupling from this tax provision, the UCA aims to alleviate the financial strain on cannabis businesses, enabling them to reinvest in operational growth, community initiatives, and employee welfare.

Advocacy for SAFE Banking at the Federal Level

The UCA has been a staunch advocate for the SAFE Banking Act at the federal level. This advocacy aims to provide cannabis businesses with safer and more accessible banking options, promoting financial security and growth.

Last session, the UCA played a pivotal role in reducing the bond requirement for cannabis license holders across the state. This significant achievement ensures a more accessible and less financially burdensome entry for potential cannabis businesses.

Helped Create the Medical Cannabis Policy Advisory Board (MCPAB)

Established by the House Bill 72 in 2023, the MCPAB serves as a key forum for Utah’s medical cannabis stakeholders. The board meets monthly to discuss and recommend policy changes to the DHHS, UDAF, and state legislators. Their role includes suggesting amendments to cannabis rules, consulting on patient education, and reviewing potential health risks in cannabis products. With members from the medical community, cannabis industry, and public safety, the MCPAB is central to shaping Utah’s cannabis policies.

Addressing Overregulation of the Industry

The UCA is diligently working to address the overregulation faced by the cannabis industry. By advocating for streamlined regulations, the association aims to foster a more conducive environment for cannabis businesses to thrive.