Hoang Nguyen is a dedicated and passionate leader deeply rooted in the Utah community. As an engaged member of our society, Hoang has always been at the forefront of community initiatives and endeavors. She proudly identifies as a Utahn, a successful business owner, a devoted mother, and a resilient refugee. Her journey and experiences have instilled in her a firm belief that through collective effort and unwavering commitment, we can surmount challenges and pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous Utah.

Hoang’s dedication to the community is evident in her decision to run for the House Representative in District 23. She envisions a campaign that transcends individual aspirations and focuses on the collective good. For Hoang, it’s not just about her journey; it’s about the stories, hopes, and dreams of every Utahn. She is eager to connect, listen, and collaborate with fellow community members to ensure that every voice is heard and valued.